Sea Level Awareness Project (SLAP) coming soon in 2009!

SLAP is a community awareness project designed to wake up San Diego to the danger of sea level rise, because of global warming.

Some scientists project that within 100 years, sea level could rise 240 feet worldwide, because of Arctic and Antarctic ice melt, caused by global warming. That would put San Diego completely underwater.

SLAP is a project originally designed by Alec Loorz in Ventura, CA, founder of   SLAP Ventura was the first SLAP project completed and we plan to follow in their footsteps with SLAP San Diego.   We will be working with SLAP Ventura and other San Diego Schools. 

We are working on a project designed to make the concept of sea level rise easier to visualize. We hope to install an art/environmental activist/educational project along the Boardwalk down at the beach that will raise awareness of this issue in San Diego. Sometime in 2009, we hope to install the first SLAP poles, showing where the sea level will be if nothing is done to curb the current rate of global warming.

Led by the Cool Kids, founders of, the project will warn of the dangers we face in San Diego due to future sea level rise. The poles will have a line at the top showing that you would be underwater where you are standing.

They also will feature icons showing some important things that we would lose with a 23- foot sea level rise. Things like our airport, our convention center, and, of course, the beaches and entire neighborhoods. It’s an issue that involves us as a whole city. So, we need to work together to change the way we use coal and oil.

We can make a difference. Kids will be the ones who will have to deal with the worst effects of climate change. So, the youth have to be the ones leading the way to make changes NOW because we plan to STOP global warming within our lifetimes.

So now, lets get ready to SLAP San Diego!